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CNC Lathes

Qty 6 - 6in chuck, each equipped with a 12 ft. LNS Barfeeder for high production

Qty 2 - 6in chuck, hand loading machines

Qty 3 - 10in chuck, hand loading machines

Production CNC Machining

CNC Mills

Qty 1 - 3 axis mill with travel of X=78” x Y=20” x Z=20”

Qty 3 - 3 axis mills with travel of X=60” x Y=30” x Z=26”, equipped with coolant through capability for increased production rates

Qty 6 - 3 axis mills with travel of X=40” x Y=20” x Z=21”

Qty 2 - 3 axis pallet changing mills for high production

YCM Mill.png
Edge BF.png

CNC Swiss

Qty 1 - 7 axis swiss style lathe, equipped with a 12 ft. magazine style Edge Minuteman Barfeeder

Automatic Saws

Qty 2 - Amada HA250W with 10" diameter cut capacity

Amada Saw.png
Hardness Tester.png
CMM 1.png
Surface Tester.png

Quality Equipment


Qty 1 - Hexagon Global S, Automatic CMM

Qty 1 - Starret HGC-2018-16, CMM

Qty 1 - Mitutoyo 963-220-10A, Rockwell Hardness Tester

Qty 1 - Mitutoyo SJ-210, Surface Roughness Tester

ISO 9001:2015 Quality System

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