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Close-up view of vertical cnc steel milling process with external water coolant streams, s

We Are Bradley Machining, Inc.

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All about Bradley Machining

Bradley Machining is a production metal fabricator started in 1982 by Edward Youngerman.


From humble beginnings in a 720 sq. ft. garage, Ed’s passion for inventing and creating drove him to build a successful manufacturing company with a wide array of capabilities. Now occupying a modern 53,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, we provide OEMs and distributors with an assortment of high-quality, American -made products.


Since 1982, Bradley Machining has manufactured a range of products for companies in a variety of industries, while continually modernizing our processes for increased efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Over our 40+ year history, one constant through it all is the value we place on relationships and our commitment to providing exceptional customer service.


Our commitment to building and maintaining customer relationships is continually demonstrated by our emphasis on effective communication,

unsurpassed quality and lead-time flexibility. This helps our customers keep their supply chains moving and their customers happy.

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